30XY NDD Video

"I have found 30XY to be an exceptional company to deal with. Their staff are extremely professional and hard working."
“30XY has always been my first choice for CCTV Inspection, Drain Cleaning or NDD Bookings.
I have always received exceptional service and 30XY team has gone above and beyond to meet our requirements. Their quality of works and professionalism are the key things that make 30XY different from other similar providers. 30XY has always been my first choice and I have never had the chance to regret it.”
Deep Mehta Site Engineer | WINSLOW
"CDC Plumbing has been using the services of 30XY for both non-destructive excavations and drainage camera inspections for a number of years now. They are a preferred contractor of CDC in these areas of work for a number of reasons. They have all the up to date high tech equipment which is very reliable, and their on-site teams are easy to work with. Nothing is ever a drama. On top of that, the admin side of their business is second to none. Paperwork and OH&S requirements are dealt with extremely professionally. We would recommend them wherever possible."
Jon Young Project Manager | CDC Plumbing & Drainage
"It is a pleasure working with 30XY Group, they are role models in their industry. The scheduling team is prompt, efficient and go out of their way to help us with emergency jobs, and the fleet is top class."
"30XY are an exceptional company to work with. Their quality equipment and workmanship makes light work of any tasks. The sales team will always go above and beyond to meet client deadlines and requirements, highly recommend."
Hayden  Kinghorn Project Engineer | ROKON
"I recently engaged 30XY Group for the first time to undertake some Non-Destructive Digging and Vacuum loading for a project that had presented some challenges. I found the team both in the office and the field to be helpful, professional and efficient. Their equipment and work ethic onsite was fantastic. Based on my experience, I will continue to use and recommend 30XY Group.
Joe Romeo | Melbourne Pools
“I couldn’t recommend 30XY high enough. Extremely professional staff that act promptly when required. 30XY team will always work with us to cater our needs no matter how urgent
the job.”
Dylan Browne Project Manager | Civ2Con
"I have found the service at 30XY to be outstanding! The supervisors always go above and beyond to organise a hydro for me especially last minute. It has been an absolute pleasure to do business with  the 30XY team. Always understanding and asking questions to progress and exceed expectations."
Betty Tsetsonis  Scheduling Coordinator | City West Water
“I have worked with 30XY’s team for some time now and have always found their services to be top notch and I’m pleased with their flexibility when it comes to last minute requirements.  They are a friendly, professional and reliable bunch who never make me feel like it’s hard work to do a job."
Allison Johnston Senior Business Development Manager |Global Resource Recovery, Melbourne